Nicole and Stella, a perfect Love Story

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I just totally love stories like Nicole's and Stella's. First, it starts out rough with not really knowing where it will end, then there are obstacles and challenges to overcome. But at the end, there is a Happy Ending and a beautiful love story to be told. 

But read for yourself. This is a beautiful story written by Nicole and how she met Stella:

"My Girl Stella and I met in September of 2017. I had seen her for sale add on Bay Area equestrian and something drew me to her. I went to ride her, as well has 3 other horses that same week. She wasn’t the easiest horse I rode, she wasn’t the flashiest, but she was special and I knew I wanted to be part of her story. The woman selling her had acquired her from a horse rescue organization in 2015 when she was barely green broke and living in less than ideal situation. We don’t know much of her story prior to 2015 other than she was born in 2009 and is an Iberian Warmblood. I had been trying out horses all summer and fell in love with a couple that didn’t pass vetting. They say everything happens for a reason and those horses weren’t meant to be mine because Stella was waiting for me. She is the type of horse that you sense has an old soul and she “feels” with her whole heart. From the first ride we had together I told my husband if I were horse I would be Stella and that has proven true time and time again.  She is spunky and sometimes sassy. She loves being pampered and her daily turn outs with her main squeeze Scout.  We jokingly call her “over the top” at the barn because she does everything with a little extra pizazz and flair! She makes me a better version of myself. As our time together grows I know she will continue to teach me as long as I am listening."

These images capture exactly the deep and true connection and love Nicole has for Stella, and vise versa! Can't wait to see you both grow even stronger together!