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I am looking at all my little notes on my page (photo above) filled with quotes and inspirational words today:

Stay true to your values. Follow YOUR dreams, not someone else's. Don't shoot for perfect, shoot for your best. Perfectionist...Illusion...Genuine, Alive. Always seek to do the best.

Don't we all feel sometimes just stuck, stuck in our own routine, our daily chores, work or what ever it is we do? Days just pass by, they all look hazy and funky, and you feel like you didn't accomplish anything? It's like a big twister that sucks you in, and you can't get out of it until you realize you are actually in it! And it's tough to break that circle.

This week has been an emotional and different week for me. Many people have touched, inspired, stimulated, moved and motivated me on so many levels that it almost felt like a little soul searching to me. Here are just three scenarios that impacted me the most this week.

 *  *  *  *  *

I set up a critique session with one of the TOP equine photographers out there, Shelley Paulson. She is one of my role models I look up to. Her photography is just beautiful, simple yet elegant and her images tell stories. I needed someone like her to help me to look at my photography at a different angle, to give me honest feedback, and to guide me to the next level. 

Her critiques were spot on, and it was an absolute eye-opening experience. This was exactly what I was looking for and needed for myself! I am always on a search of how I can do better because I want to excel in everything I do. I want to be the best I can in this moment. But don't we all want to do just that? Unbeknownst to her, she took my motivation to a whole new level!

Check her out at Here is one of her latest educational videos!

After this session and all this new homework in front of me, I stumbled over a very interesting young woman named Nadia Meli on YouTube who is a Wedding Photographer in Brighton, England. Her quote

"I am a Perfectionist. I will never be perfect, but will always be my best.”

just stuck with me and three hours later I probably watched most of her inspirational and educational videos. I just felt an instant connection, and saw many similarities between her and me, like the way we were brought up and how we don’t fit into that "traditional box” of life. Everything she says resonates with me on a very personal level. She made me think about my past, my friends I lost and left behind during my rebellious time of travels, people I hurt including my Mom and just so many other things in my life…

Here is my favorite video of her:

Last but not least…in case you are STILL reading…

I photographed a wonderful horse event on Monday, called "Horsin' Around Tournament". All proceeds went to LEAD, an amazing local therapeutic equine program for kids and youth who struggle with different kind of mental health issues and development needs. It wasn't your regular Horse Show, it was a community and family event, and it was all about the horse. Competitors played with their horses online, at liberty and freestyle riding and had timed obstacles to conquer. Although everybody showed their competitive side and wanted to do their best, they all put the horse first. 

Find out more about LEAD here:

What I enjoyed most was talking to like-minded people, watching their interaction with their horses, meeting new faces and catching up with familiar ones. After this event I came to the realization of how much I really missed this part in my life with my horse. When I lived in Las Vegas, all my friends and I would do is hang out with our horses and do exactly that! 

Especially this week, my head filled up with so many thoughts in all kind of directions, that sometimes it helps to write them down. As we all try to find our own path, I know that:

Be the Woman you wanna be, not what you should be.
Follow your dreams...not someone else's.