A very rare AND special mare...for sure!

Stacie told me some interesting facts about her two horses Poet and Zeus over the phone and then in person when I met her. But I must admit, I didn't know half of her story until days after the photo shoot. It is an inspirational story about overcoming severe challenges and obstacles...to say the least.

Stacie owns this beautiful 10 year old Arabian Bay Mare "Poetic Kharma" aka Poet, who is covered in blue ribbons, won four Championship titles including Region 4 - Horse of the Year for USEF in 2012! Absolutely impressive! I barely could keep up with taking notes as Stacie is telling me about her successful showing career. Then finding out that Poet is also one of the very rare mares that has gone through the Oldenburg NA Inspection and as a purebred Arabian was fully accepted into the Oldenburg Main Mare Book, missing Premium mare by mere points. Now I was speechless!

With Ben, her husband and Annelise, her trainer in tow we moved to a perfect outdoor spot to take the first photos.  Poet is no "Newbie" when it comes to posing in front of the camera and totally cooperated with whatever we asked her to do.

Then we also included Ben, who by the way carries almost as many titles as Poet after his name, DVM, Ph.D., MPH...just to name a few.

Now it was time for Zeus, her young Warmblood. She quickly changed into her dressage outfit and we continued taking photos. Stacie bred him herself and has high hopes for him to become the next Dressage Star. She LOVES his big movement and playfulness!

By now, the sun almost set and I wanted to get a few nice sunset shots. So we moved Zeus into a paddock area where he could show off his moves!

Then right before the sun went down, I took this photo...

Horse and Stacie at Sunset

A few days later, when I finished editing the shoot, I knew I had some really nice photos of Poet! I decided to contact the editor of the Arabian Horse Magazine to see if they might have some interest in Poet's photos as she was not just any horse! After I heard back that they definitely would like to run a story on her, Stacie then emailed more information to them and copied me. It was definitely heart breaking and emotional to read...

Poet was in a terrible accident after her "Horse of the Year" title and broke a lumbar vertebra joint on her left side of her back. The next two years Stacie and Ben spent endless hours of giving her the best care, getting the right diagnostics and tests done including a bone scan and ultrasound. Stacie, at the same time, developed a very painful chronic disorder and had a tough time dealing with it where she lived, up North in Washington.

After moving to Nevada and hopes that she might be able to ride Poet again, she got even worse news. Poet developed insulin resistance and foundered! AND to top it off, she also developed an intestinal impaction that became so badly infected that she ended up in Intensive Care for 5 days where she almost lost her!

Stacie then continued: " I remember going into her stall where she was hooked up to I.V. s and hugging her and telling her I won't give up on her if she won't give up on me. "

Arabian Poetic Kharma

Now, as I am looking at her photographs and knowing the extreme struggles and obstacles both of them went through until this day, I know how much this one of a kind Mare means to her! I am glad she has beautiful images of Poet to cherish forever.

There is one more thing about Poet: While she is not completely back of being her old self, she is an Equine Therapy Horse in conjunction with The Center for Hope in Reno for patients with severe eating disorders. She gives them confidence by helping people overcome their fear of horses and sharing her kind soul.