My FALL Season

WOW! Can't believe it has been two months since my last blog. I have been busier than ever and now finally trying to catch up on the day to day tasks, marketing, website editing and all the other things that come with this photography business. As a one (wo)man show you do it all!

This Fall season started off with two booked sessions a week, two horse shows and a "Wonder Woman" photo shoot! Here in our mountainous area, FALL is a very short season, but also the prettiest for sure, so I never say NO to any client that wants amazing images with all the pretty colors.

What I really love about this passion of mine, is meeting people of all levels within the horse industry. Retired horse lovers with their equines, families with their kids and horses, retired horses living out their days, and people that take it very serious and pursue a career. Little did I know that Reno is home to many World Champion Horses and horse trainers/ riders travel all over the US from here. For example Holly and her P.R.E. Gelding Bugatti, who are currently ranked #2 in the Nation for USDF Adult Amateur Training Level/ Dressage. WOW! What an accomplishment. We had a beautiful evening sunset session around her barn!

This is my absolute favorite of her which she also got as a big canvas for her wall!

Holly walking down the street.jpg

Another World Champion and Hall of Fame! horse is 10 year old "Ragtime", the absolute cutest Miniature Shetland Stallion you will ever meet. His trophies, rankings and titles are longer than this blog and include AMHA World Supreme Halter Horse, World Grand Champion Country Pleasure Horse, was undefeated in five classes at the World Show and carries multiple National titles. Kimberly Sweatt is well-known within the Miniature horse world, has been in the industry well over 20 years and is THE lucky owner of Ragtime!

Having all these trophies and titles, Kimberly and Ragtime were photographed for many magazine covers and editorial articles. I mean, Kim has literally a million photos of her and Ragtime. Yet, she wanted something different. I really LOVED this photo shoot because she totally trusted me with my creative ideas I had in my head for her fluffy black and white dress!  

Her photo shoot is currently featured on my home page and you can see more images from this amazing shoot here:

dreamy pic.jpg

Somehow I also worked in two Senior Photo Shoot Sessions. OMG...I absolutely had so much fun with Sarah and Taven. It was a great change to my horse sessions. Two things I realized: 1. It is in many aspects a lot easier to pose only humans and have them hold a pose, and if necessary to redo it. 2. It made me appreciate my images so much more because it takes a lot more work and knowledge to get the perfect horse portrait and angle right!

Here are just a few of my favorites:

To mention and write about all session I had the last two months will turn this blog into a ten page book, but here are just a few more images from my latest photo shoots:

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