Mega Heat is a TV Star?

That's exactly what I said to my trainer Liz today with a bizarre look on my face. Liz is the owner and trainer at Pair of Aces Stables, Inc. located in Reno, NV and has been my trainer for many years. As I was in need of a few conformation shots of horses for my new project, Liz was so nice to assist me and offered her grooming skills :) and horse handling expertise.

After we finished with the shots, she asked if I could take a few photos of Mega Heat, her off the track Thoroughbred. Mega and Liz were accepted to compete for their share of $100,000 in prize money at the 2017 Thoroughbred Makeover at the Kentucky Horse Park on October 5-8. (Big Congrats!) So she needed a few updated official photos of him.

Liz continues to tell me that he is famous for his role as "Mega Horse" in Rob Dyrdek's MTV reality show Fantasy Factory.

In the Season 2 premiere of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, the world-famous skateboarder dares to purchase and jockey a thoroughbred racehorse (Mega Heat). In pure Dyrdek style, Rob dives head first into the horse-world. He purchases a pair of giant "horse-legs" for trotting around on, acquires a wooden horse on wheels to practice racing on, and even transforms himself into a lightning-fast jockey named "Bolt Speedman".

I found the link to the episode here:

WOW! I just watched it and took a few pics with my iphone: quality is extremely bad but so much fun to see it!


Rob owned Mega Heat throughout his racing career, and Liz then adopted him after his successful career as a racehorse when he retired from the track at 9 years old in 2016.

Here are some photos from today's shoot. Doesn't he look handsome?

Liz has an entire team behind her to assist with this enormous project: Lexie, Felise and Carrie are all working together, along with an amazing vet, farrier, physical therapist and chiropractor to help him transition from the track to the sport horse world, and to reach the finals in KY.

Here are Liz and Felise with Mega Heat or shall we say "Mega Horse"? :)

Mega Liz Felice

Mega Liz Felice

Mega Liz Felice big smile

Mega Liz Felice big smile

Like any star he has his own Instagram and Facebook page! Please like and follow him at @mega_heat and to follow his progress.

I also found some race footage and statistics of him on Horse Racing Nation:

WOW! What a cool story! I absolutely had to write a blog about it to share Mega Heat's story. And I hope, YOU will too! I wish them all the BEST of Luck and can't wait to see them compete successfully in Kentucky!