What happens after the shoot?

In an effort to make the entire photo shoot memorable, I am always looking for new and creative ways to enhance the experience, from beginning to end. I added a new feature for my clients that I would love to share with you, because I think it puts the icing on the cake and makes the entire photo shoot experience complete. It always amazes me with how many photos I come home with. For an 1.5-2 hour shoot I have anywhere between 300- 450 photos, depending on the different poses, action photos, horse's cooperation, etc. As I go thru and edit them I rate them 1-5, 5 being the highest. I LOVE when I have 5 star photos, because they are pretty much perfect straight out of the camera. They need little retouching, maybe a little more exposure, cropping or color. Three star photos would require more work like fixing shadows, touching up eyes, cropping, adjusting brightness and so on. Here are some examples:

I didn't have to retouch a lot on that image. I simply cropped it slightly and added a little contrast and done! And I do love the shadow of leaves showing on the horse's coat. I was actually going back and forth in my head and not sure if it looked good but at the end looking at the entire shoot I love the way they turned out.

Another image that didn't need much work. A simple crop and zoom, some contrast and done! Sometimes it is the crop that decides if the image is worth keeping or not.

Here is an image I worked on quite a bit. At first I didn't pay much attention to this photo, it was too dark and the background just didn't work, so I gave it one star. But looking at it again I just loved how he his ears were perked up and how she hugged him with her eyes closed.

Thanks to Lightroom and Photoshop I was able to save this image and turn it into a "5 Star"! I really love the finished photo.

Once the entire shoot is edited, the photos are downloaded to my client's page onto my website www.creatememoriesbyanett.com for review. My package includes a personalized USB Card with all digital high res photos and a customized photo book with your images, great for your coffee table or gift!

So, what did I add? I truly believe your photos should be looked at, loved, felt, touched and seen by your friends and family when they come into your home. How many people have thousands of photos on their iPhone and computer and never look at them again? Sound familiar? I personally have canvases and framed photos ALL over my house from the Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, my son, US- our family, memories. People always comment on how many pictures I have up. And I just love looking at them and remembering that moment!

I now offer wall art for all clients AND I will create your personal in home design.

All I need is a photo of your space, your room, hallway or bedroom and I will show you what a canvas or photo on the wall would look like in your house! Even if you are not a client you can purchase any of my horse photography for your wall! Existing and new clients receive 20% off on any wall art.

Here are some examples:


Here are some client images:


I mean, isn't that really cool? No more hassle trying to figure out if it fits or not! And you know what it looks like before you buy anything! And the possibilities are endless.

I can show you different designs with your photos, if it is one canvas or several in your hallway or over your fire place! I think that is pretty darn good!

I am really super excited about that feature! I will post more about it on facebook and also add it to my webpage shortly.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback about my added feature and what you think about it!

You can also leave a comment!