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Read my blog about my photo shoot with Broker in my wedding dress here


I was born and raised in Eastern Germany and was 15 years old when "the Wall" came down. This HUGE event in history not only changed my life, but let me follow my dreams and pursue my passion in life:

travel, food & wine, photography and horses!

Due to my degree in Hotel Management & Business I lived & worked in four countries before I was 30! Switzerland, England, France and the US. After eight years of living and breathing in the Las Vegas air, I decided to move to Reno, NV with my horse Broker, a Palomino Quarterhorse, my cats and a 60 gallon saltwater tank! I now have a two year old son with Dave, my new husband. We just got married on Lake Tahoe in June of this year, which is our absolute favorite spot to be!

Here are a few photos of US!